This page is a list of a few software resources I either developed, or contributed to developing: Jupyter notebooks, Python libraries, and other tutorials.

InverseBuilding: solving inverse problems in building physics

InverseBuilding is a series of courses showing how to solve various types of inverse problems, or model calibration problems, in building physics applications. Examples of tutorials include:

hamopy: heat, air and moisture transfer in python

Hamopy is a python package for the numerical simulation of one-dimensional heat, air and moisture (HAM) transfer in porous materials. Its principle is the finite-element resolution of the HAM conservation equations.

Hamopy makes good use of its open-source nature, and gives users complete control over the simulation process. One can:

  • add new materials and customise the equations defining their properties,
  • account for water flow and storage in both liquid and vapor states,
  • include time-dependent boundary conditions,
  • work with fully coupled hygrothermal transfer, or with thermal transfer only (saves time),
  • easily automate many simulations for sensitivity analyses, evolutionary algorithms and such.

The library comes with a few examples:

  • Hamstad BM3: third exercise of the Hamstad benchmark package
  • Hamstad BM5: fifth exercise of the Hamstad benchmark package