I teach heat transfer, HVAC systems, CAD etc. at the Polytech engineering school, Université Savoie Mont-Blanc. I put up some online resources for students on these topics. I also wrote some tutorials on data analysis, mostly aimed for research. These resources are available on the following two pages.

Building energy geeks

Building Energy Geeks is where I write tutorials on everything related to my research.

There are three main categories on the website:

  • Data analysis is a series of notebooks showing what knowledge can be gained from records of energy consumption, weather data, ambient measurements…
  • The handbook of heat transfer in buildings (which I have not started writing yet) will be a course on heat transfer modelling and energy performance assessment of buildings.

There is also a forum for further discussion and suggestions.

Heat transfer and HVAC systems (in French)

ebeclim.org is a website where I post short videos about HVAC and heat transfer in buildings. It is originally meant as supplementary material for my students.

Here is one example about the prediction of air flow in buildings: